Category: Scientific Diving

CCMAR Scientific Diving Course

This week in Madeira we completed a scientific diving course from Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) part of the¬†University of the Algarve¬†system. The course lasted four days, in which we reviewed a range of scientific practices from developing research questions, selecting study methods, sampling design, dive planning, team and equipment preparation, underwater survey and sampling… Read more »

Python random to eliminate bias

When taking samples or deciding which places to record observations, for example along a transect line, we need sometimes to choose sites randomly. Imagine a transect line that’s 50 meters long, and we want to take samples at random intervals, either left or right and between one and three meters of the transect line. A… Read more »

Research dives in Ponta do Lazareto

Our current project in Madeira (see involves quite a lot of diving plans and subsurface activity in the test site at Ponta do Lazareto, Madeira. Some tasks are simply manual labor underwater, but we consider it all ‘scientific diving’ as the diving is a tool for our research. There are two main entries and… Read more »

Viz, no viz

Unfortunately one of our marker buoys was lost to a recent storm. The heavier weight of the added chain, which we hoped would keep the mooring fixed, indeed made it too fixed, so that the rope first ate through the rubber hose chafe protection, then ate through the rope. We dove the mooring yesterday and… Read more »