CCMAR Scientific Diving Course

This week in Madeira we completed a scientific diving course from Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) part of the University of the Algarve system. The course lasted four days, in which we reviewed a range of scientific practices from developing research questions, selecting study methods, sampling design, dive planning, team and equipment preparation, underwater survey and sampling and report development. Under the guidance of an excellent trainer Diogo Paulo and together with another teammate, we practiced a variety of survey and sampling techniques such as site sketching, radial search, visual, photographic and video survey using quadrats, transect lines, grid plots and more. As always, our teamwork got better over the course of the class, we became more efficient doing the tasks.

We will be able to apply these skills to many different aspects of our work, and would really like to thank ARDITI, FCT, CCMAR, and Madeira Divepoint for facilitating the class, and especially Diogo Paulo for having the patience to train us up!

We will of course, need to practice laying grid lines, and try to make them more even!