Data buoy v3!

Congratulations team on a successful test of the latest version 3 of our databuoy!

Still waiting to see the results of the wave data and compare (validate) with the pressure recording device, but during the test deployment, seeing the average wave heights and direction coming off the buoy, to the wireless receiver, transferred through the institute server, and displayed on a mobile phone screen back on site was impressive!

It’s the culmination of a year from when we first discussed the project, to fully functional prototype, with all the hard work, lessons learned, trial and error and eventual success, and it’s solid evidence for the viability of Speculative Design not only as fictions that imagine potential futures, but through backcasting, to facilitate real-world technology design and development, shaping our Preferred Futures.

Thanks everyone who has been helping and encouraging so far, especially project engineers Victor Azevedo and Vitor Aguiar, as well as Carlos Freitas and the IFCN, Marko Radeta, Jorge Lopes, Joao Monteiro, Rodrigo Silva and many others!

Learn more about the project here: